The Law of Karma


As for running the administration of any family, society, department, institution, or a nation in this world, certain laws and rules are required to be framed for their smooth and efficient day-to-day working. In the same way, there must be some law which governs the administration of this infinite universe.

This law is known as the ‘Law of Karma’ as stated by Goswami Tulsidasji in his Ramayana:


The whole universe is governed by the ‘Law of Karma’. As you sow, so shall you reap.

The rising and setting of the sun in the east and the west punctually and strictly according to the time shown in Astrology, the harmonious movement of the earth, sun, moon, stars, planets etc. around each other on their pre-destined orbits and destined routes as shown in Astronomy, the Inception, Maintenance and Dissolution of all the animate bodies and inanimate objects and things in the whole universe, the coming of winter, summer and monsoon seasons, the ripening of fruits, flowers, grass and shrubs on the earth, the proper existence of mountains, rivers, oceans etc., the working of the principles of specific gravity and relative density of objects and things
on the earth, the evaporation of water from the sea to the sky, the formation of the clouds and their showering on the earth, the mysterious running of the cycle of birth and death etc. for the smooth and effective administration and execution of all these environments, there must be some strict law under which the whole infinite universe is governed.

Thus the ‘Law of Karma’ is the law of action and reaction; cause and effect; effort and destiny; all are equal and opposite.


The main and distinct features and the important characteristics and criteria of the Law of Karma are:

(1) This law is Eternal:
It has come into force with effect from the beginning of creation, when the sun started rising in the east, since the inception of the universe and it will remain in force till the end of the universe.

(2) This law is Universal:
It is applicable to one and all the living beings and creatures in all and every where in the world and the entire universe. Not that it is applicable only to Hindus or people who believe in Karma. It is applicable to all people from the human race, castes and creeds in the whole world.

(3) This law is Applicable:
In all the generations and eras of earthly cycles, Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dvaparyuga and Kaliyuga and in all the centuries – past, present and future.

(4) This law is Perfect:
There has not been a single amendment in the law up-till now since time immemorial and there is not going to be a single amendment in the law till the end of the entire universe. There is not a single ‘proviso’ in the law. There is no such mention or words like ‘Provided that’ or ‘Not withstanding anything contained in the Act’ etc.

(5) There is Not a Single Exception:
In this law of Karma, nobody can escape the canons of this law. Even the father of Lord Rama (incarnation of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God) could not escape his destined death due to the forced separation of his son Rama. Shri Rama also in due respect to this law, did not interfere by giving extension of life even to his own father Dasratha at least for fourteen years till his return from exile. The omnipotent formless (NIRAKAR) God, once incarnated in the human form (SAKAR) as Rama, he too had to humbly respect and obey the Law of Karma and he did not show any favouritism or partiality to anybody, even to his own father.

The application of this law is beyond manipulation, intervention or corruptibility.

The wrong doer will definitely be punished for his wrong deeds. Nobody can escape the penal provisions of this law. There is no escape and no exception is allowed in its application. Similarly a pious man performing good actions will definitely be rewarded for his good deeds. Each and every good or bad action will have equal and appropriate reaction and will invariably rebound on the doer attracting just reward or punishment.


However, in this world, you might find that all the people like wrong doers, black marketeers, corrupt and crooked persons, smugglers and similar other dangerous mischief mongers and dishonest persons are merrily enjoying all the amenities in life and can afford anything they like in material world. On the other hand, the religious minded pious persons who strive sincerely to stay on the path of fairness within the norms of legal, ethical and religious morality, cannot even make their two ends meet. They are found rotting in pathetic poverty, deprived of even the basic minimum requirements and bare necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter.

In such a state of affairs our faith in the justice and fairness of God is shaken to the core feeling that there is utter confusion, chaos and total travesty of justice in the realm of God and that the Law of Karma is arbitrary and anarchic. As a result ultimately we feel frustrated. This is only because we have not properly understood and minutely studied the Law of Karma. Otherwise we would definitely find that there is not even an iota of confusion, chaos or lop-sided justice in the realm of God.

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