Why train to be a Yoga teacher?

Why indeed?

Well, theres only so much you are going to get out of attending a regular yoga class. In a regular class theres only really a fraction on the Yogic wisdom that can be imparted in a class, or even a day or so workshop. Yoga is a deep and long study and reflective practice to commit to… well forever more! Theres really no getting away from you is there? Essentially this is what Yoga is dealing with, the very nature of our being, existence, the truth.

We often hear the saying that you only really learn something when you try to teach it to someone else. If you have loved Yoga till now then you can take the brave step to commit to a longer study and practice. You will see the changes in yourself are more profound and rapid. As teacher trainers we see extraordinary positive changes in students.

Which course??? Well there is an awful lot out there (some of it actually is awful too!!) but the chances are you will find something that resonates with you, and whatever that is it will be right for you and your point an place in you own cosmic evolution! Maybe the same course will not be right for you in years to come, or maybe you will not understand it all until years to come, but trust that after some searching, enquiry, testimonials and visits to a place/teacher and then stick with it!

Our own philosophy is to not create devotees, but to create master of their own lives! Yoga is a tool and a method to take control and choose your destiny rather than feel your life is out of your control or you are a victim of circumstance.

We start at the beginning of the Yoga path – with Yamas and Niyamas the first two steps of Ashtanga Yoga. These create a strong foundation for the authentic Yoga path.  Then we can approach asana in the correct way.

Good luck in your journey!

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